What Customers are Saying About New Technology to Turn Back the Clock

There are a number of new skin rejuvenation treatments available to those who want to “turn back the clock.” Some are effective and some are just painful and damaging. The Prescott DermaLift Clinic is the first and only provider of a new technology utilizing the skin’s own ability to rejuvenate utilizing negative-ions.

The Quantum Hydration with Electro Ionization procedure is a controlled penetration process. The Quantum technology combines negative or positive ion fields with natural saline solution, similar to the type used to rinse contact lenses. When the saline solution comes in contact with the ions, the saline becomes highly energized. This ionized gas disassociates molecular structure. Quantum Hydration works differently from lasers, which vaporize skins cells, or chemical peels, which utilize acid to burn skin cells. Quantum Hydration with Electro Ionization technology effects skin cells at a molecular level. The advantage to cellular treatment is that substantial results can be achieved with little or no trauma caused to the skin. Quantum treatments are excellent for people with sensitive skin, acne, or those who have thinning skin and have lost elasticity.

The Quantum Hydration Facial utilizes electro-ionization technology, which provides extensive hydration that will promote collagen production, tighten and firm skin tissue, improve skin metabolism, even skin tone and significantly reduce lines and wrinkles in the face and neck.


Here are a few comments we have received in recent months from our clients.

“Quantum Hydration therapy using negative ion technology is a new, less invasive antiaging treatment for women who want to look younger without resorting to face-freezing injections or plastic surgery,” Wall Street Journal, March 13, 2015

“l did not want the pain, expense and upkeep required by so many antiaging treatments. The procedures performed by Justin Schepman at the Prescott DermaLift Clinic have produced amazing results. They are non-toxic, non-invasive and affordable. My skin has not looked this healthy in years! Fine lines and wrinkles are erased and my skin is super hydrated and just keeps improving even weeks after a treatment. We are so lucky to have access to these new technologies in our area.” – Candy Klatt, Prescott

“This letter is to let you know how very pleased I am with the results of your DermaLift program. Since moving to Arizona, the dry air here has taken a toll on my skin, and I have tried just about everything short of surgery to help correct the deep lines and wrinkles that were forming. On my first visit to DermaLift, Justin explained the process to me and answered all my questions. The combination of electrical stimulation  (BioLift) followed by the hydration process gave results that I could see after just one visit. As I progressed through the series, each week resulted in ever greater and more lasting improvement in my skin tone. The high point for me came after the seventh week, when I attended a gathering of friends who just couldn’t stop commenting on how good I looked!

Now that I have completed the series, I am looking forward to the minimal maintenance required to keep my face and neck looking years younger than when I started the program. I would highly recommend DermaLift to others. Justin has a nice touch and a relaxed professional manner. He is careful to answer all questions, and is very knowledgeable about the entire process. This isn’t one of those “fluffy” procedures that make you feel good for a day or two, but have no lasting effects. If you are sincere about improving your skin without going through an invasive, expensive process, then I think you will be as extremely pleased as I am with DermaLift.” – Sue McDonald,Prescott

“Prescott DermaLift Clinic owned and operated by Justin R. Schepman is amazing. The procedure really does rejuvenate your skin and muscles. During the procedures with Justin I had some laser work done at the dermatologist and because of DermaLift my healing time was cut in half. DermaLift is a very healing procedure to your skin. It definitely took away some fine lines and gave me more of an uplifted look. I would recommend DermaLift to anyone who wants clearer looking skin and to strengthen their muscles.” – Jonna Purvis, Prescott

“The Quantum Hydration Facial combined with the BioLift Rejuvenator truly produces amazing results and gives women a much more affordable, natural alternative to Botox or plastic surgery.” – Prescott Woman Magazine April/May 2016

“The Prescott DermaLift Clinic is Arizona’s first and only provider of the Quantum Hydration procedure. I moved here from LA where this process is extremely popular—and three times more expensive! I am a true believer in what the Quantum can do for your skin!” – Suzi Jane



Link: http://www.quadcitiesbusinessnews.com/customers-saying-new-technology-turn-back-clock/



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