New Year, New Skin

Many New Year’s Resolutions are not attainable, but having younger, healthier looking skin is achievable by combining some healthy lifestyle changes and taking advantage of new technologies.

Drink More

One of the healthiest and simplest things you can do for your skin is to keep hydrated internally by drinking six to eight glasses of water a day. Water increases blood flow to the skin, causing cells to turnover more frequently. Hydrated skin is less likely to flake and is more resilient to outside elements that may cause problems such as acne and rosacea. Water super charges your skins natural electrical impulses and, as a result, clients who come to our clinic who have had at least 12 ounces of water prior to treatment generally will respond more quickly to treatments.

Hydrate Skin

In addition to hydrating internally by drinking plenty of water, hydrating externally is beneficial, especially in our dry sunny climate. There is no need to break the bank by purchasing expensive creams. We recommend using a blend of essential oils or vitamin C and E creams.

Take Advantage of New Technologies

As we age, muscles become elastic and unable to support the skin tissue attached to them. In addition, the skin loses its ability to regenerate new tissue and its ability to moisturize itself. Fluid buildup, wrinkles and sagging are the end result of this process.

As much as creams can help add moisture to the skin, they only penetrate the outer dermis. Quantum Hydration Therapy is a totally new way to hydrate, tighten, tone and lift skin – not just at the surface skin level but deeper into the same fibro-muscular tissues targeted with facelift surgery. The system consists of a chamber that ionizes oxygen, which is released along with saline. When brushed gently across the face and neck, an ionization field is created, which brings up collagen and tightens, tones and sterilizes skin. The gentle, non-invasive treatment does not damage the epidermis and does not use any chemicals.

Wear Sunscreen, Even in Winter

We all love Arizona for the beautiful sunshine we enjoy year around; however, it is extremely important to use at least a SPF 50 sunscreen anytime you are outdoors. Wearing make-up with a SPF 50 factor is one quick and easy way to shield your skin from damaging UV rays. My mother loves the outdoors. She carries a small tube of mineral powder with sunscreen she can keep in her pocket and periodically brush over her face.

Avoid Fads

Avoid anything that claims to improve your skin by “damaging” it, including micro dermabrasion, extreme peals, needling and repeated laser treatments. Not only are these treatments expensive and often painful, your cells will lose their resiliency and, in some cases, cause a loss of natural color, leaving a pasty appearance. The Quantum Hydration process does not remove or damage the epidermis but rather, places ions into it to create a healing response and making cells stronger and healthier.

At all cost, avoid “home” remedies such as self-needling. Not only is it impossible to adequately sterilize an at-home system, potentially causing infections, blood vessels can also be broken.

Unquestionably, injections such as Botox and Restylene will fill in wrinkles and plump up certain areas of the face. Just be realistic that since Botox basically freezes muscles in your face, they are not working, so when the Botox wears off, muscles will actually look worse since they have lost their tone. Many don’t realize this is a consequence and that there is maintenance required. Injections cannot be used in or around the eye socket or on the neck. Most concerning is there are no long-term studies determining the effects of putting these foreign chemicals into your body.






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