Common Myths Associated with Today’s Anti-Aging Treatments

There is a plethora of new skin treatments. Some work and some are less effective. There are a number of “myths” that unfortunately may have become “reality” in the minds of those considering skin treatment options.

MYTH: No pain, no gain.

One of the common misperceptions is that in order for skin therapies to be effective, they must be painful. Procedures such as injections, laser resurfacing and peels are very painful and often damaging to the skin. In contrast, the Quantum Hydration procedure causes a healing response that increases collagen production, improves muscle tone and diminishes wrinkles. It is the only procedure other than plastic surgery that can be used around the eyes. It is very comfortable, with just a cooling sensation from the saline and negative ions. There is no redness or downtime.

MYTH: I am too young. Facials and injections are enough.

If collagen and muscle tone are maintained and built up as a person ages, other treatments will not usually be necessary. The Quantum and the BioLift cleanse the skin like a facial with the added benefit of increasing collagen and improving muscle tone non-invasively and with no use of toxic substances.

MYTH: It is a woman-only thing.

We are seeing an increasing number of men who are seeking solutions to gain a more youthful appearance but who typically want a “no frills” treatment that produces results. Men do not want to have the down time associated with some of the more invasive procedures. They are open to cleansing and hydrating their skin with the added bonus that they do in fact look younger because their muscle tone has improved and wrinkles are much less pronounced.

MYTH: I cannot afford to take care of my skin.

Many procedures are extremely expensive and require costly maintenance. Our spring pricing provides an affordable option, just $65 for the Quantum Hydration Treatment and $60 for the BioLift. The two combined treatments are currently $90.

MYTH: I have been using Botox and Restylene for years and I cannot stop.

Botox does paralyze the muscles in the face, which is why those using it see immediate results, but the muscles do atrophy since they are not being used. The BioLift procedures take muscles in the face and neck to the gym to rebuild and strengthen them. It is an effective way to wean off the injections. Similarly, injections of Restylene plump up the face but do nothing to increase and replace lost collagen so maintenance is required. The Quantum Hydration system rebuilds collagen and diminishes wrinkles, scarring and discoloration.

MYTH: There are new creams on the market which are just as effective as other treatments.

Although moisturizing skin on the surface level is somewhat beneficial, there is no moisturizer capable of fundamentally changing your skin and muscles. The BioLift and Quantum treatments tighten, tone and lift, not just at the surface skin level but deeper into the same fibro-muscular tissues targeted with facelift surgery, without the trauma to the underlying tissues.

MYTH: I am too old for anything to work.

Some treatments will make older women look harsh, with a “frozen” face. And thinning skin can be easily damaged by invasive treatments such as peels and lasers. Since both the BioLift and Quantum facial create a non-invasive, healing response, older women find their skin responds very well to the treatments. I have had 80-year-old clients who look more radiant. Older clients usually require a series of treatments to achieve their desired results.






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