Achieving a More Youthful Appearance by Harnessing the Body's Ability to Rejuvenate

The Prescott DermaLift Clinic utilizes two procedures to rejuvenate skin and muscles naturally using a combination of micro-current (BioLift) and revolutionary electro-ion technology (Quantum Hydration).

The two procedures are different but complementary; however, both procedures essentially harness the body’s own natural ability to rejuvenate, creating a more youthful appearance.


What is Bio-Electric Rejuvenation?

Every cell has an electric charge that powers blood circulation, oxygen transport, nutrition and detoxification. As we age, these electrical impulses can diminish and muscles become elastic and unable to support the skin tissue attached to them. In addition, the skin loses its ability to regenerate new tissue and its ability to moisturize itself. Fluid buildup, wrinkles and sagging are the end result.

The Bio-Electric Rejuvenation unit uses a variety of frequencies to stimulate cells and re-educate muscles. The equipment uses universal healing frequencies to tone muscles, reduce fluid retention and to soften wrinkles. Specific techniques are used to lift and keep muscles firm. This process also creates elasticity in the tissue reducing wrinkles.

Think of it like taking your face to the gym. If you work on your bicep muscle by lifting weights, it becomes toned and firm. The micro-current stimulates muscles in your face and neck that essentially do the same thing while re-educating your muscles to lift up and defy gravity.


What is Electro-Ionization (Cold Plasma) Rejuvenation?

The Electr-Ionization procedure is a controlled penetration process. Electr-Ionization technology combines negative or positive ion fields (depending on what treatment is necessary) with natural saline solution, similar to the type used to rinse contact lenses. When the saline solution comes in contact with the ions the saline becomes highly energized. This ionized gas disassociates molecular structure. Electro-Ionization works differently than lasers, which vaporize skin cells, or chemical peels, which utilize acid to burn skin cells. Electro Ionization technology effects skin cells at a molecular level. The advantage to cellular treatment is substantial results can be achieved with little or no trauma caused to the skin. Electro-Ionization treatments are excellent for clients with sensitive skin or those who have thinning skin and have lost elasticity.

When brushed across the face, the Ionization field tones, tightens and sterilizes the skin – creating a refreshed, enhanced appearance. The gentle, non-invasive treatment does not remove the epidermis, but rather forces ions into epidermis to stimulate collagen production. The entire treatment leaves skin tighter, firmer, sterile and hydrated.

Using the same saline solution used to hydrate our bodies, the Quantum Ionization procedure produces a cooling sensation as the saline is ionized and gently penetrated into the epidermis. Electro Ionization is one of the few treatments that can be used over and around the eyes to tighten loose tissue.

Electro Ionization treats sun damaged or rough textured skin, aging or dehydrated skin, acne, oily skin, and scar tissue.

Electro-Ionization is NOT microdermabrasion. Although both Electro-Ionization and microdermabrasion treat the skin, micro-dermabrasion propels micro crystals at a high speed across the surface of the skin. Electro Ionization works in a non-invasive manner by penetrating an ionized field into the epidermis. No after treatment is necessary following Electro-Ionization, because the skin tissue is clinically sterilized, super hydrated and the procedure is completely non-invasive. This makes Electro-Ionization a true corrective procedure with no “down time.” Electr- Ionization has both long-term and immediate results.






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