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Our Office is located in Historic Downtown Prescott.  All appointments are spaced accordingly to provide each patient privacy and confidentiality within a relaxing environment. 

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Justin R. Schepman

Justin Schepman has been in the medical field in Prescott and Phoenix, AZ for 18 years. He has a diverse clinical background including a 3 year medical degree with various certifications in medical care and aesthetics including degree in Respiratory Care, Sleep Studies, ICU and ABE certification. He is deeply committed to helping people look younger and become more confident with natural alternatives to more traditional invasive procedures that may actually damage skin or produce an unnatural looking affect.  The procedures performed at the Prescott DermaLift Clinic are non-surgical, non-addictive, non-toxic and pain free. They are also more affordable than alternative treatments. Most patients will see noticeable results in just one treatment.